Monday, March 03, 2014


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I am back with another post guys ! Finally . I can barely find time to shoot these days because of school and sections ; However , I shot these pictures last Thursday with Nourhan . 
P.s . follow me on instagram @stylista0fashionista for more on time fun :) 
I love how the pictures turned out . the perfect sparkly sweater by Ravin is my new favorite in my closet . what do you think ?

Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Leather Jacket

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Leather. I've always had the obsession . i got this leather jacket from H&M . paired it with a chiffon dress-shirt from H&M because it is not that cold in Egypt . my burgundy - even though i couldn't  capture the color- Pepe Jeans bag . and leather ankle booties . simple rock/biker chick look . what do you think of it ?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013

DSC04791_zps7dcfe1d7 photo DSC04791_zps7dcfe1d7-1_zps9a68701e.jpg

2013. What a year . I won't be so dramatic or hysterical about the passing of a year in a blink of an eye , but let's face it . In a year , one can learn a lot . From failures , to simple achievements , and little life pleasures . 
this year I did some collaborations with other bloggers , companies , and online stores . I learned that not all plans go as planned , and some of them don't happen . But i gained experience from these ups and downs . that's the motto of life .  
What I learned in 2013 ? 
-Life passes by so quickly that you won't even realize it . 
-Try to make the best of each day .
-Smile , always .
-When life puts you down , it will sure pick you up .
-People are friendly if you are to them .
-Don't be afraid of trying new things : they might turn very good or happen to be not for you .
-Travelling with your friends and family is priceless .
-Count your blessings .
-Studying and doing your best will give you a bonus in the future .
-Learn from your mistakes .
-Don't waste your time .
this is just a glimpse of my year , hope 2014 will hold better and more cheerful events for all of us . 
Enjoy these pictures . they are my favorite . 
I already have some new year's resolutions planned . What are yours ? 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Long Time Ago

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It feels like ages -and it does- since i last updated the blog . I was so caught up in the whole studying and tests madness .. a test every month was pure hell . luckily , i have some time before my next one . Today i share with you a very sporty outfit i wore in October . of course it is so much colder now , but these pictures were meant to see the light -or appear on your screens- . of course the Desigual bag is my favorite of the moment . I love this varsity jacket i got from H&M so much . Makes me feel fierce because of the Tiger on the back ! . what do you think about it ?

Sunday, August 25, 2013


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Tropicana. i really want to live by the beach and be surrounded by beautiful plants that look so tropical and be able to dress in pants like these every once in a while ! 
but unfortunately i must go home ... don't get me wrong ! i don't want to leave but still want to see my friends again :D 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aztec again

 photo DSC05754_zps296a7d35.jpg

p.s. i am stuck in the north coast . best thing is there is no curfew here unlike other cities in Egypt . Can't complain at all with the beach at my sight , the soft sand beneath my feet in the afternoon ,and the cold grass in the midnight, plus the beautiful sky full of sparkly stars , and above all the good company i am with and the fun summer activities . 
If there is one print i will always love , it would be the Aztec/Tribal print ! i wear it on tops , on espadrills , on my nails and scarves ! love it to a level of obsessing over anything tribal ... even my notebooks and pencils are tribal ! 
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